In order to introduce a new novel, Night by Elie Wiesel, you will be asked to create a presentation using stunning pictures and well placed short words, phrases, and sentences. You will work alone to create an Animoto video using the website, www.animoto.com, and the help of Mrs. Siwinski in the computer lab.

Your job will be to emotionally connect your audience to this novel by using pictures that relate to the time period of the Holocaust and many key points listed below.

  1. Your Animoto will include 30 pictures capturing the feeling of the Holocaust and all the horrors which surrounded that time in history.
  2. Using Google search for the pictures to tell your story. Make sure to save the .jpg format and storing the pictures on a thumb drive or on your server account.
  3. You then need to write your script and type it in Word , so you can spell check it and save it on your server account so you can copy and paste it into Animoto when the time comes.
  4. You should have at least 12 text slides between pictures that evoke emotion, share stories, explain facts, or are creative.
  5. It needs to include appropriate music for the pictures and content. Remember the tempo of of the music will dictate the speed of your slides.
  6. Your Animoto must evoke emotion but be respectful
  7. You could also add a video clip into slide show, but this is not a requirement . If you do, this could produce extra credit points
  8. List of topics to include in Animoto project: (must include 5 of these topics)
  • 1. map of Europe showing one/more of the following places: Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Sighet, Buna, etc.
  • 2. copy of the Kaddish
  • 3. Representation of how many Jews died in the Holocaust
  • 4. Actual (famous) people who helped rescue Jews
  • 5. Groups of people who deny the Holocaust ever happened
  • 6. explanation of Roshashana
  • 7. How many non-Jews died in the Holocaust?
  • 8. Trials of Nazi criminals
  • 9. explanation of the Talmud
  • 10. Life in the concentration camps
  • 11. present day Nazi-ism
  • 12. Hitler
  • 13. Interesting facts about Hitler
  • 14. Ovens and crematories
  • 15. explanation of cabbala
  • 16. Jewish ghettos
  • 17. yellow star

You must supplement your Animoto with other pictures you find.
This project will be graded on a rubric and count as a presentation grade of 20%. There will also be a one paragraph follow up on this topic. You will be required to hand in the day the presentations are due one complete, well-developed paragraph on ONE topic you wanted to learn more about during your search for pictures. Use MLA citations and the paragraph will count separately as a 40% writing grade.

Due dates**: Animoto and paragraph due on May 21st.

Through this project you will become acquainted with issues, culture, world climate that were the background for the novel "Night." This knowledge will help you and your peers to better understand the novel and the situation of the Jews during in prewar Germany. You will also have a chance to sharpen your technology skills by using a fun web 2.0 tool called Animoto which you will use to present your knowledge.


This project designed and implemented by Kate King, English teacher for Mount Saint Joseph Academy. Wikispace design and technical assistance furnished by Carol Siwinski, Instructional Technology Coordinator.

May, 2010